Men’s Underwear by Bunch of Animals (1/15)

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Bunch of Animals are the softest, most comfortable and interesting underwear to hit the market. They are fabulous for traveling because: a) they don’t ride up (great for sitting long hours whilst travelling and walking around) b) they wick moisture away 2x better than cotton c) they’re so soft, they don’t chafe d) they are quick drying (important when on the road and washing clothes) e) they’re breathable (so you stay dry and non-stinky).

Nothing starts the day off right like slipping on a pair of great fitting and feeling underwear, one of the small daily luxuries that make the sun shine a bit brighter. Our undies are made of MicroModal, an eco-friendly material made from Beech trees that’s three times softer than cotton, twice as breathable and absorbent (meaning no more sweaty coconuts). Each pair features a vibrant graphic by an artist that has been printed using a unique process so the designs are seamless and incredibly rich in color.

Contributor: Larissa Banting from Bunch of Animals 

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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