Mama Java Coffee for Moms (24/42)

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We all know that mom life is no joke… it’s tiring, demanding, and basically REQUIRES caffeine – lol! Unfortunately, though, almost every mom that I know (including myself) NEVER gets to finish her cup of coffee when it’s fresh and warm. We’re always drinking it cold, letting it sit, and reheating the same cup over and over – leading to…well, I’ll just say it – one crappy cup of coffee. 

So why, if we need this magical drink to survive, do we all suffer through a gross cup of java day after day? Here’s where we come in!! At Mama Java, we *very* carefully select our beans and roast them to pass what we lovingly call the motherhood test. 

You can let a cup of Mama Java sit, reheat it, even drink it cold and old and it will STILL be a great cup of coffee. If that’s not enough, we’ve made our roast names and descriptions funny and relatable to REAL mom life. You know, dishes in the sink, laundry piles sitting, wondering what in the hell you’re going to make for dinner…. we’ve all been there and understand the challenges of #momlife and that’s why we roast coffee JUST FOR MOMS. 

So I say give mom something she’s truly going to use as a gift this year…a bag of this amaze-balls coffee!! Let me know if you’d like to hear more, want high res images or better yet – try a sample for yourself! 

Contributor: Kim Roman from Mama Java Coffee

Written by Ben Skute

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