Huso Home Frequency and Sound Therapy Machine (23/42)

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Sleeplessness, exhaustion and new mom jitters are huge issues new mom’s deal with. 

Let’s face it, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by for new moms (and dads!). Imagine a product that helps relieve anxiety, stress and sleeplessness. Nashville-based technology company, HUSO, has developed a product that helps women (and men!) do just that. 

HUSO was founded by a longtime sound therapist who wanted to harness ancient healing techniques through modern technology. Think: sound therapy made *accessible*. HUSO delivers *uncompressed *human toning sounds to the body. This is no cheap iPhone app – through headphones and strategically placed pads, the tones create a natural resonance in your body. It fights anxiety, stress, ADHD and sleeplessness. People around the world have reported improved well-being as a result of using the technology, including doctors, CEOs and professional athletes. 

New mom’s spend thousands of dollars on their children, from strollers to car seats to diapers. Why not invest in their mental health too? HUSO can be found on Amazon for $469.00 to $499.00 and is a gift that not only helps mom, but the whole family. 

Contributor: Katie Higgins from Emboss Communications

Written by Ben Skute

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