Makers Fest Musicians (5/9)

I am the Co-Director of the Grant Park Academy of the Arts, a music instruction school.  We recently began an expansion and it became necessary for us to greatly increase our clientele in a short amount of time.  We looked to put a booth in a festival or two to help meet people and spread the word. 

Here in Atlanta, we have something called a Maker’s Fest, in which people that make things get together. We’re not makers, we’re musicians! But we thought, even though it’s a long shot, what if we tried to get into this festival? 

We are currently promoting a summer camp where kids can make their own instruments and we thought, just maybe, we could sell ourselves as makers this way.  We didn’t think we’d be taken seriously.  We figured they’d have enough legitimate makers and wouldn’t take us wannabes. 

But in fact, we were accepted!  We had a workshop where we taught a lot of kids to make drums, and we passed out tons of info! It was enormously successful. 

Contributor: Adam Cole


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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