Make sure the two of you are alone with plenty of time to talk (3/6)

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Once you’ve made the decision that this is what you want, decide how to gently bring up the subject, be comfortable in your reasons for why you want this, and be ready for a long, open discussion. When you go to bring up the topic gently, make sure the two of you are alone with plenty of time to talk. It helps if you’re both in a good place in the relationship and aren’t currently stressed. You know your partner best, so be sure to tell them how much you love them and explain why you are considering this path.

There’s no perfect timing to bring it up, so once you have enough confidence, go for it! When you open the discussion, be sure to have an explanation for what you expect and want out of an open relationship. Have some ideas and guidelines ready to help show your partner what you have in mind. Of course, in the end, you both will decide together how things will work, but this at least helps open your partner’s mind to what you desire.

Everything you do should support the primary relationship, so when agreeing on guidelines make sure to put each other first and don’t consider the secondaries.

Contributors: Bethany Ricciardi from TooTimid

Written by Ben Skute

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