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In this age of social media we’ve lost a real connection to people. We want to create an app that emphasizes meaning in your lives.

What is the LYFE app?

The LYFE app is a geo-based app that allows you to drop messages around the world.

There are two main components to this.

1. The everyday use: This feature is similar to geocaching, but with videos and photos of your making. You can record and drop a message, either a video or photo, and any app-user who comes across that message will be able to view it. You’ll even be able to mark your messages as “Public” or “Private”, viewable only to those you’ve specified. Say your best friend leaves a video for you while hiking in the mountains, if you hike the same path your LYFE app will notify you there’s a video for you to watch.

2. The place of remembrance: With this feature a person can arrive at your place of remembrance and through the LYFE app view your LYFE story. Prior to being dropped at your place of remembrance, you’ll use the app to edit and combine videos and photos in whichever way you find best tells your story. You can leave behind Public stories, as well as Private stories, viewable only to those you’ve specified.

Private stories left for loved ones is where the deepest connection happens. We want to put true connection into a social app, we want people to be remembered for who they were, and we want people to be able to say all the things they want, to all the people they love.

Written by Jonathan Welliver

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