‘Lady’ – a short student film (3/13)

'Lady' - a short student film

Set in a visually heightened land of peculiar characters, ‘Lady’ tells the story of a young girl who disguises herself as her recently deceased grandmother in order to avoid being sent into foster care.

She manages to fool the blind cross-dressing neighbour Clarence and tenacious social worker Laureen, but being an adult is harder than she first thought.

She is tired of being alone, and deeply misses Grandma. Inspired by the stories of heaven she been told throughout her life, Lady decides to take a giant leap of faith, and building a pair of mechanical wings, goes off to get her grandmother back.

This quirky dark tale explores how we discover our identity, cling on to familiarity, and interpret reality in a world where things are often not what they seem.

Written by Annie Martin

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