#KyloRenChallenge – Enamel Pins – Ben Swolo (13/20)

#KyloRenChallenge - Enamel Pins - Ben Swolo

This enamel pin design honors the #KyloRenChallenge. If you don’t know what that is, you must be living under a rock in Garbage Compactor #3263827. You must also not be following John Mayer on Instagram.

Basically, the #KyloRenChallenge is a ridiculous photo fad in which “Wanna-Bens” recreate the steamiest scene in The Last Jedi. The scene is infamous for showing a vengeful, shirtless Kylo with his knickers up way too high. Perhaps he’d be less testy if his panties weren’t in a literal bunch.


Written by Oh Hey! Studios

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