Balance Miniature (12/20)

The extraordinary success story of SANDDORN BALANCE began over twenty years ago. In 1996, the Swiss theatre producer Maedir Rigolo created a balancing act for the stage production SANDDORN. The play is set in knee-deep sand; the only props are the withered ribs of date and coconut palm leaves, which Maedir Rigolo collected from the most beautiful beaches in the world. But it took years for the balancing act to draw the attention of vaudeville and circus producers and for its worldwide success to be set in motion.

In 2012 Lara Jacobs Rigolo , Maedir’s daughter, Brought this unique act to the Cirque du Soleil stage in their production, “Amaluna.” The act became a huge success and was honored with the award of “Nestrucks Top Ten, Toronto 2012:Best Circus Act.” It was in Montreal where Lara decided to create a miniature version of the balancing sticks for the public to enjoy at home. The sticks are made from black walnut wood, noted for its deep brown color. Careful precision goes into the making of each set of balancing sticks. Lara herself puts the finishing touches on every set before it is released for sale to ensure its


Written by Nathaniel Fried

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