How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie (8/16)

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Though seemingly a bit long (roughly 290 pages cover-to-cover), this easily-digested book (written by a pioneer of the self-improvement movement) has sold more than 15 million copies and has helped a vast number of folks in the business world improve their interactions with their bosses, colleagues, subordinates, and customers. (Further, following Carnegie’s advice has also likely enriched their personal relationships.)

In this book, Carnegie teaches thirty principles of human relations which provide extremely useful advice about making a good first impression, successfully engaging others in good conversation, gaining co-operation from others, and tactfully handling difficult situations. While a few of Carnegie’s principles may not directly apply to the circumstances faced in a job interview, a great many of them fit that situation quite well. When it came to explaining the ‘nuts & bolts’ of human relations, few authors were ever better than Dale Carnegie!

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Contributors: Timothy G. Wiedman from Doane University

Written by Taegan Lion

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