Hikari 光 2.0 – Personal Pocket Synthesizer by Moccasyn (14/28)

Shape sound with the world around you. Master your instrument, master Hikari ! Built in speaker & phone jack. Handmade in Philadelphia.

Hikari 光 2.0 is the completed version of a project we started working on 8 months ago. They are portable CMOS synthesizers with controls for volume and pitch as well as a built in photocell, speaker, and headphone jack. They plays much like a theremin and work best outdoors in natural lighting.

Hikari was designed to be a great first soldering project, and also as a way for artists to make there projects more interactive. Because of this, they are available as easy to build kits & can make for a great classroom activity. Kits include all hardware & components as well as an illustrated guide for assembly & can be completed in less than an hour with little to no soldering experience.

Hikari is a personal pocket synthesizer for most everyone. Master your instrument, master Hikari !

Written by moccasyn

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