SLIDE-R: The world’s first premium connected surfboard (15/28)

After two years of R&D, we are happy to market SLIDE-R, the first fully connected surfboard, to the general public. A sensor weighing just a few grams is built directly into the board in order to collect key data on the athlete’s use and performance.

With an operating life of 580 hours, the sensor continuously recharges thanks to a photovoltaic panel placed on the top side of the board. In another stroke of genius, data is automatically recorded as soon as the athlete hits the water. Surfers can therefore fully concentrate on their sport without worrying about recharging the device, turning it on, or downloading the data collected, which is also automatically and instantaneously retrieved by an application.

To perfect this technological innovation, we teamed up with UWL- Surfboards, the French surfboard designer with a pan-European reputation. Dimensions, materials, design, functions: each board is made to measure. Expertise and manufacturing quality that give the final product an unparalleled level of performance.


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