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London has many fine dining restaurants, 70 have a 1 Michelin star or more and there are 3 in the top list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and one of those on number 45 is ‘Dinner’ by Heston Blumenthal. Located in the Mandarin Oriental, in Knightsbridge, it is central and has from beginning to end a good ambiance.

The moment you enter the restaurant it feels and looks like some kind of French brasserie, but after you get the menu your world will turn upside down. The dishes aren’t modern dishes which you would expect from a fine dining restaurant, but very old recipes, sometimes hundreds of years old! How about the Frumenty, from a recipe of the book of the Master Cooks of King Richard II, 1390. Or the Roast Turbot with mussel and Seaweed Ketchup, a recipe from Mistress Meg Dodds, 1830.

But the best, and one of the signature dishes is Meat Fruit (c. 13th-15th century). A dish that looks like a mandarin, the outside tastes like mandarin but is filled with chicken live and foie gras parfait.

Contributors: Michael Wirtzel from Wirtzel Luxury Consultancy

Written by Ben Skute

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