For The Bearded Teacher (5/5)

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While men with beards represent only a subset of the teacher’s category, there are a few reasons why Can You Handlebar products make a great gift…

“At the price point of $20, our beard oils and beard balms represent an affordable gift that can be used and appreciated by anyone with facial hair, whether they have a long or short beard, a mustache or goatee.

Our Can You Handlebar Beard Oil and Can You Handlebar Dry Oil Beard Balms are all-natural, made in the US, and are scented with essential oils. This means that the scent wears in softly and naturally and isn’t overpowering for anyone working in close quarters with others.

We’ve also worked hard to make sure that our packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing with a classic masculine look, it’s also built for real life everyday use.

The tubes our oils come in allow a layer of protection for the glass bottle inside, you could drop it on a tiled bathroom floor without fear of it shattering.

Our balms come in a rugged stainless steel tin that’s portable and crush-proof and can be re-purposed for storage once empty. Both the interior and exterior product packaging are handsome enough to look great on your bathroom shelf or bureau.”

Contributor: Adam Barraclough from CanYouHandlebar

Written by Ben Skute

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