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5 Unique Gift Suggestions For Teachers

So you want to buy your teacher something nice, but you don’t want to get them the generic ‘flowers and chocolates’. Here are 5 unique gift suggestions for teachers.

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#1 Teacher Gift Box

Pampered Teacher has gift boxes designed for teachers. They have a subscription service and single box options. They offer two sizes, a large and small ($34.95 and $19.95 respectively which includes shipping).

Their gift boxes save parents, friends, and family members time and effort that is usually needed to put together a thoughtful gift for a teacher. Likewise, their gifts are far more personal and loved by teachers than the traditional coffee mug or gift card, and are similar in price.

Contributors: Jason and Megan Panek From Pampered Teacher

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  1. I bought these for my daughter’s teachers and they LOVED them. Will definitely being buying again next year.

  2. I’ve purchased several of these for each one of my son’s teachers and I peek inside to check them out first – the gifts are always relevent and thoughtful and the packaging is adorable! Highly recommend!

#2 Dip A Di Do Da

Dip A Di Do Da is a stylish disguise for store-bought dips, salsas, and deli-containers that provide a quick fix for stylish entertaining.

They are perfect for teachers because they are very affordable @$14.25, they are a unique new product to the market, so the teachers will not have one already. They come in 9 different versions, so there is one that would appeal to everyone and you don't have to worry about sizes!

Contributors: Myrf Bowry from Decorum

  1. Such a clever and colorful addition to our tables- even tailgates! What a great idea for teachers that are so busy- drop the dip in and no mess!

#3 Gift Cards

Most teachers appreciate gift cards and a homemade card made by the student. If they taught any number of years, they have boxes of pencil holders, coffee cups, Christmas ornaments, etc. 

Gift cards include AMAZON, Teacher's store, coffee shops, etc. Many teachers may have eating restrictions or dieting, so while chocolate is yummy, it's too tempting.

Contributors: Nancy Gretzinger from Healthy ON LLC

#4 Gourmet Spreads

Bellisari’s is a new brand that celebrates the tradition of great food and family through a line of specialty spreads and sauces.

"We are all about Gourmet Convenience, and that concept guides every delicious decision we make when blending all-natural ingredients with unique flavors (think Blistered Jalapeño & Fig and Saigon Street Sauce), and sharing recipes to give even the simplest of dishes a gourmet twist."

There are currently six products available, all featuring a recipe, additional serving suggestions and a wine or beer pairing.

It’s a perfect and affordable gift for that special teacher who can always be found in the kitchen when not in the classroom, loves to entertain or simply enjoys a delicious dish!

Contributors: Brittany Rouse from

#5 For The Bearded Teacher

While men with beards represent only a subset of the teacher's category, there are a few reasons why Can You Handlebar products make a great gift...

"At the price point of $20, our beard oils and beard balms represent an affordable gift that can be used and appreciated by anyone with facial hair, whether they have a long or short beard, a mustache or goatee.

Our Can You Handlebar Beard Oil and Can You Handlebar Dry Oil Beard Balms are all-natural, made in the US, and are scented with essential oils. This means that the scent wears in softly and naturally and isn't overpowering for anyone working in close quarters with others.

We've also worked hard to make sure that our packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing with a classic masculine look, it's also built for real life everyday use.

The tubes our oils come in allow a layer of protection for the glass bottle inside, you could drop it on a tiled bathroom floor without fear of it shattering.

Our balms come in a rugged stainless steel tin that's portable and crush-proof and can be re-purposed for storage once empty. Both the interior and exterior product packaging are handsome enough to look great on your bathroom shelf or bureau."

Contributor: Adam Barraclough from CanYouHandlebar

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