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FanSaves is a revolutionary app that allows fans of professional sports teams to receive discounts and deals from the sponsors of their favourite teams!

We are currently in development and our Kickstarter Campaign will allow us to launch in mid-February with time left in the 2017-18 hockey season to complete valuable research and development with a goal to be in bigger markets beginning in April 2018.

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Written by FanSaves

FanSaves is a newly incorporated business developing a free marketplace app that allows fans of professional sports teams to receive discounts and deals from sponsors of their favourite teams.
FanSaves is the brainchild of Kris McCarthy and Shannon Ferguson who manage the Sales & Marketing for two professional hockey teams. Being at the ground level of selling sports sponsorships, they felt it was time to find a solution to the age old question of tracking return on investment and thus, FanSaves was born.
We are raising funds to complete the development of the app. While the interest in joining FanSaves increases, we cannot complete our crucial R&D stage without a functioning app. Once the app is created, we will immediately launch into two markets for the remainder of the 2017-18 season.
FanSaves is a green-lit company with the Cornwall Innovation Centre's Lead-to-Win program. The program is an incubator for innovative businesses with the potential to reach $1 million dollars in revenue in their first three years. To do so, we need a fully developed app.
For all the most up-to-date information check out our Kickstarter Campaign or visit our website at

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