Document your jealousy (9/24)

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Do you have moments of unexplained jealousy toward your partner? Does it sometimes cause you to lash out in anger? Past cheating partners often result in severe anxiety and lack of trust, unfortunately, for future relationships. The last thing you want is to let these emotions overpower your judgment and cast unfair blame onto your partner. Therefore, pinpoint the triggers that may subconsciously remind your of your ex: text messaging, staying out late, hanging out with friends, etc. While these may have been the actions and excuses of your cheating ex, you cannot fault your new partner if he or she does step out of the office for fresh air and a bite to eat with coworkers during lunch. These are, after all, common things almost everyone does. Instead, each time you feel a severe bout of jealousy, jot it down in a journal. Documenting your negative emotions allows you to see a pattern and answer the burning question, “Why am I feeling this way?” 

Contributors: Justin Lavelle from PeopleLooker

Written by Ben Skute

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