#Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life (5/26)

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Many of us have been taught that working productively and nearly without ceasing is a show of our dedication to work. Skipping out on vacation days and not taking sick days to complete all of our tasks and go above and beyond isn’t just making ourselves invaluable employees or pushing our companies to the limit–for many it is a sign of work addiction, a relationship-squashing, debilitating disease similar to other addictions, but not often recognized until recent years. 

Dr. Bryan E. Robinson’s focus is on helping perfectionists find work/life balance through mindfulness based exercises that help them to understand why and how they became addicted to work, and what they need to do to change. In #CHILL Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life Robinson asks readers to discover how to BE and not just always focus on DOing. 

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Contributor: Sara Wigal from JKS Communications

Written by Taegan Lion

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