ChiliPad Cube 2.0 Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad (9/20)

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The benefits of sleeping cool on a ChiliPad include: 

  • Increasing melatonin production which provides regular menstrual cycles, enhanced mood, weight loss, cancer-fighting properties, increased brain health and anti-aging 
  • Increasing metabolism by 10 percent (that’s right, it helps with weight loss naturally) 
  • Reducing hot flashes by up to 85 percent 
  • Falling asleep easier 
  • Getting better quality sleep 
  • Decreasing risk of disease 
  • Improving muscle recovery by as much as 30 percent 
  • Enhancing performance by anywhere from 5-30 percent 

Contributor: Noelle Varga from Kryo, Inc.

Written by Ben Skute

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