ChatterBoss Personal Virtual Assistant – Gift Package (1/28)

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ChatterBoss created a highly customized personal assistant service that is available via iOS app. Once you download the app, you are paired with two dedicated human assistants that are available on-demand during business hours. So why is this a good gift for grandma? 

The app is a simple chat app, and the assistants remain consistent for the entire time you are a client. They will even be happy to get on calls if grandma prefers to hand tasks off that way instead of typing. This means that grandma can have someone she knows assist her with simple tasks that she doesn’t necessarily need to bother her kids or grandkids for. 

For example, her on-demand assistant can help with online purchases, doing research, calling a utility company for a refund and more! It’s a win-win for the whole family. 

Contributor: Valerie Donohue from ChatterBoss 

Written by Ben Skute

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