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14 Thoughtful 80th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Grandma

Reaching 80 is nothing to scoff at. Here are 14 awesome and thoughtful gifts for your Grandma’s 80th birthday.

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#1 ChatterBoss Personal Virtual Assistant – Gift Package

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ChatterBoss created a highly customized personal assistant service that is available via iOS app. Once you download the app, you are paired with two dedicated human assistants that are available on-demand during business hours. So why is this a good gift for grandma? 

The app is a simple chat app, and the assistants remain consistent for the entire time you are a client. They will even be happy to get on calls if grandma prefers to hand tasks off that way instead of typing. This means that grandma can have someone she knows assist her with simple tasks that she doesn’t necessarily need to bother her kids or grandkids for. 

For example, her on-demand assistant can help with online purchases, doing research, calling a utility company for a refund and more! It’s a win-win for the whole family. 

Contributor: Valerie Donohue from ChatterBoss 

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#2 Katana Safety Arc

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The KATANA Safety Arc is a device that combines a slim, lightweight shield with a built-in alarm, a mobile app with a GPS-enabled locator and messaging center, and a 24/7 response center which contacts local authorities when prompted. Grandma can also create a circle of seven friends and family who will be instantly notified if she is in trouble.

Contributor: KATANA Safety

#4 Prepaid Photo Scanning Box

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Every grandmother has generations of emotionally nostalgic photo snapshots that urgently need to be digitized in today's all-digital world, to preserve and share. 

‪‬ solved the biggest problem for gifts for seniors: how to easily have photos digitized for uploading to all the popular photo-sharing sites. Our free shipping and $145 prepaid box is easily ordered online and holds about 1,800 photos. We do all the work, you get all your photos digitally backed up. Return S/H includes your digital media, add $19..95 to cover S/H if you want your pictures returned. 

Contributor: Mitch Goldstone from ScanMyPhotos

#9 Women’s Luxury All Purpose Gown

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Janes are an excellent choice as a comfortable robe to wear around the house. Women love their soft comfort, warmth and style. Janes offer coverage and dignity when elderly women need it most. 

Janes are a great gift for friends who are in treatment, hospitalized, as well as, for the elderly patient who might have numerous doctor's appointments and hospitalizations. 

After being asked by many men, we now offer a robe for men called Jacks. Men love Jack's for travel, to take to the spa, as well as, for medical needs. Lightweight and easy to pack... Janes and Jacks come with a convenient matching cinch sack for easy carrying. 

Contributor: Sharon Linder from GetJanes LLC

#10 Ornate Rings from Savage and Rose

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Savage and Rose have fine jewellery collection includes Pearl, Ornate and Intricate, which I think, is best for birthday gifts. They have luxury British jewellery that is made from 18k rose, white and yellow gold. 

Contributor: Keyur Raiyani from Krishaweb Technologies Pvt Ltd

#13 Lifestorypro – Give As A Gift

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LifeStoryPRO is a guided experience where grandma can receive memory prompts each week for a year to document her life story and family history. At the end of the process she will receive a beautiful hard cover book. Let her know that you value her story and give a gift that will last generations to come. 

Contributor: Jason Gwizdala from LifeStoryPRO 

#14 Grandmothering How to Create a Lasting Legacy

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Grandmothers make the best cookies and give the best hugs, but there's so much more to being the kind of grandmother who leaves a legacy that stands the test of time. 

New York Times #1 bestselling author and grandmother Linda Eyre shares her secret formula for teaching your grandchildren values, building meaningful connections with them, and giving them grit and resilience in an ever-changing world. 

Broken into short, digestible chapters for quick reading, this guidebook is filled with time-tested advice and stories from a panel of grandmothers, plus an appendix of easy, delicious recipes to feed a crowd at your next family reunion.

Contributor: Kate Farrell from Familius 

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Written by Ben Skute