Capture the long-tail (17/34)

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We have an SEO expert on our team, and I think it’s one of the most important areas, if not often one of the most neglected, in any e-commerce store. Whilst it’s possible to drive plenty of high intent transactions through other marketing channels such as PPC, to attract the wider audience it’s vital that you capture as much relevant organic traffic as possible. One area we’ve focused on since the very beginning is capturing high intent long-tail SEO, by which I mean keywords of low traffic, but ones with a high chance of purchasing should you get them onto your site. At small scale, this is not a practice that will transform your business, but by systematically producing content that captures as much of this long-tail as possible, you’ll catch a similar level of traffic to the more generic, lower intent terms – but with a better conversion rate.

Contributors: Greg Edwards from Floom

Written by Zak Parker

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