Being With Others Can Enhance Your Connection (1/6)

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First, affirm to your partner what is working well in your relationship: what you appreciate about your sex life, how you express affection with each other, how intimate you feel with them. Then tell them that you long to experience sexual and/or romantic intimacy with others. Not because you’re not dissatisfied with what you have, but because you believe in abundance, and that sharing your love with others will make life richer.

Having other partners won’t take away from what you have with your primary partner; it will actually enhance your connection with them, because you will be morally obliged to communicate about all your feelings with each other — the jealousy, the possessiveness, the envy, the insecurity.

This level of transparent communication will make you feel even closer. And the time spent from each other can create the kind of healthy distance that can increase your attraction for each other, because you don’t take each other for granted.

Contributors: Jeffrey Kishner from Psychotherapy

Written by Ben Skute

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