BeeYourself – swimwear for girls with a POCKET! (16/18)

BeeYourself - swimwear for girls with a POCKET!

Charlotte Ronan - CEO is raising funds for BeeYourself - swimwear for girls with a POCKET! on Kickstarter! What started as a unique product idea has turned into a lesson helping inspire fellow girls to dream big!

We have a unique, patent pending design, that has been missing in the female swimsuit world….pockets!  We are actively taking pre-orders via Kickstarter rewards and are excited about the amazing number of backers in such a short time.  Pre-Order Here!

Meet Charlotte, 12 year old CEO and the creator of   Her idea was born on a beach when she was just 9 years old. While walking the beach searching for beautiful shells and rocks, she had forgot to bring a bucket. Her hands quickly filled with shells she was collecting and when her dad asked her why she didn’t have pockets, her idea was born.

She felt it was unfair that boys swimsuits had pockets. Why shouldn’t girls be allowed to have pockets? At that moment, she knew her daring attitude and idea was going to change the way all girls wear swimwear.

Michael, dad and IT professional, decided Charlotte’s idea might be a great learning experience. After all, how many of us have had brilliant ideas that just sat in our brains? He figured he might teach his daughter valuable life skills building a product, a brand, and a company. What he learned was so much more. Working with strong females in the fashion industry, he learned the challenges women face in business.  They all shared the same message, “we need more girls to challenge themselves”. Not only did we have a cool product, but the mission of the company became very clear: To encourage young female entrepreneurs  to dream big!

Together this duo is joining fashion with function.  Together they are taking on not only the fashion industry, but helping drive awareness and change for girls to push forward in a male dominated business world.

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