Batman (1/6)

DC Comics Men's Batman

In the fall of 1989 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the advent of the Batman comics, the first Batman movie was released. I had just started graduate school in a new city and a group of students and I, on our first sojourn downtown, all decided to buy Batman T-shirts. It was the perfect practical souvenir to mark the beginning of a new chapter. I hung onto mine for 18 years until I finally had to lay its threadbare remains respectfully in the bin.

Batman is still by far my favorite superhero; he’s the only one who is human, like us. And anyone with even a drop of human blood in his veins, let’s face it, should have a Batman T-shirt.

Available both in regular and skinny T-shirt style.

Interested in getting this t-shirt? Check out where to get it in the UK and USA.

Written by Meredith Fairbank

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