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Recall Your Favourite Films With These Quirky Shirts

A good film has the power to resonate and leave a mark on us that can potentially stay with us for years after a viewing. Quotes, references, quips and jokes make a film stand out instantly to anyone who hears them, with certain films and franchises gaining worldwide notoriety through one word along sometimes.

A common interest in a film can generate conversation and stir up relationships and, when coupled with the right kinds of designs, can give you a serious head start in the world of looking good too.

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#1 Batman

DC Comics Men's Batman

In the fall of 1989 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the advent of the Batman comics, the first Batman movie was released. I had just started graduate school in a new city and a group of students and I, on our first sojourn downtown, all decided to buy Batman T-shirts. It was the perfect practical souvenir to mark the beginning of a new chapter. I hung onto mine for 18 years until I finally had to lay its threadbare remains respectfully in the bin.

Batman is still by far my favorite superhero; he's the only one who is human, like us. And anyone with even a drop of human blood in his veins, let's face it, should have a Batman T-shirt.

Available both in regular and skinny T-shirt style.

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#2 Coco

The latest work to come out of the brilliant Disney franchise, Coco charmed and wowed us all when it was released in 2017. Its beautiful design, compelling story and surprisingly deep and emotional plot won over the hearts of anyone who saw it, adding new dimensions to the cartoon world and really introducing a new way of making family-friendly films.

Paying homage to the film and its Mexican influence, this shirt is designed with a beautifully detailed multicolor skull that contrasts wonderfully with the black 100% cotton fabric. Its boyfriend fit makes for a very casual, nicely fitting piece of clothing that promises to look good in any combination.

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#3 Spider-Man: Vintage

Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of Marvel's biggest successes over the years, racking up six main franchise films and numerous appearances in fellow Marvel films over the past few years. Over the course of this time, the web-slinger has established himself as the leading superhero for fans across the globe with his red and blue outfit proving to be insanely recognizable to almost anyone.

This shirt pays homage to the superheroes classic routes, its comic book design, and vintage design paying a throwback to Peter Parker's beginnings in the Marvel universe. Completely authentic and a fully licensed piece of Marvel merchandise, the shirt is 100% cotton, washer friendly and available in every size from small to XX-large.

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#4 Deadpool

Why not celebrate the upcoming sequel in the Marvel Universe by commemorating everyone's favorite antihero, Deadpool. Taking the world by storm for his fourth-wall breaking, quips, action, and jokes, Ryan Reynold's character has won the admiration of critics and love of millions of fans alike.

This shirt blends the popularity of Deadpool whilst referencing the hit sitcom, the Big Bang Theory and their 'Soft Kitty' song that most will instantly recognize. Designed with 80% Cotton and complete with its striking black and red design, the shirt is available in every size from small to XXXXX-Large and would make a brilliant addition to any Marvel fan's collection.

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#5 The Greatest Showman

The story of the Greatest Showman both wowed and inspired millions of fans when it hit the big screen in 2017. Its beautifully composed music, absolutely jaw-dropping production value and brilliant character performances made it one of the must-see films of the year as it scooped up award after award.

The inspirational story is paid homage to in this shirt by printing out one of the most iconic quotes direct from the film, making it an instant stand out to anyone else who has watched it. The shirt is made 100% from cotton and is available in any size from X-small to XXX-large. It is a beautiful design and fits quite nicely when put next to such a beautiful film.

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#6 Jurassic Park – Classic

Going all the way back to 1993 and the birth of one of the most successful film franchises ever, Jurassic Park has established itself as one of the most instantly recognisable and glamorous series' ever produced to date. The iconic logo, gripping font and dark contrasting tones helped gain notoriety right across the globe, hoovering up millions and millions of fans along the way.

The shirt has been authentically designed and is a fully licenced piece of merchandise to truly show off your love for this groundbreaking series. Whether old or new to the franchise, the logo that you can proudly boast will show off all you need it to.

Available in every size from small to XXX-Large, the shirt is as convenient in its deliverance as it is detailed in its artwork. So, while there is unfortunately not a real Jurassic Park to visit ourselves, this remains one of the best ways of showing off your love for action, adventure, and creatures with an almighty bite.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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