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Worn by everyone from The Queen to Hollywood celebs to your average girl on the street, this is my favorite British heritage brand. A Barbour waxed jacket is such a quintessentially British look, but the brand has more to offer. Whether it’s a casual cool button-up shirt or a leather travel bag, they’ve got everything I need to feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

Many other fashion labels try, but no one can quite do a quilted jacket like Barbour. The fit is perfect and their jackets last forever. Their clothing really gives you that mix of casual/ready to trudge through a field and refined, pulled together style, that is hard to pull off. Just look at The Duchess of Cambridge!

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Every upstanding lady and gentleman in the UK has a waxy Barbour jacket in their closet. Brits pull these out for walks, shoots and pretty much any other outdoor activity in the ‘countryside’ (anywhere outside a major city). Older ladies will wear a fitted quilted style, while teens and twenty-something girls tend to play it cool in one of the menswear styles. And the more worn-in your Barbour jacket looks, the better.

I love Barbour because it is so thoroughly British. Originally developed for fishermen and shipyard workers, their jackets are utilitarian first and foremost, but always with timeless British style in mind. When the Queen herself seems to live in her Barbour during every excursion to Scotland, you know it’s a British institution. (Not to mention the three Royal Warrants that have been granted to Barbour over the years…)

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