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Timeless British Heritage Clothing Brands Everyone Should Be Buying From

A classic lasts forever…

While London fashion tends to be the driving force behind innovative and revolutionary new streetwear brands and styles, the UK has a wide selection of surprisingly stylish heritage clothing brands and companies.

While you can buy a jacket from an edgy fashion company, chances are, next season it will be out of style. This isn’t something that happens with heritage clothing brands, you can continue rocking their clothing in style till they wear through.

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#1 Corgi Socks

Why we love the brand?

The reason why we love it so much are that unlike many British heritage brands, 100% of the manufacturing process still takes place in the UK (Mostly in Wales to be precise).

They engage with young British design talent through various competitions run in conjunction with colleges and universities, and even though they've been running since 1892 and have Royal affiliation, is still family run. They were also originally created for the Welsh mining community.

Apart from all that, the socks are super comfy and have the funniest designs!

Want to check out their designs? Check them out here.

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#2 Crockett & Jones

Why do we love it? 

Great shoemakers that have been around since 1879 and are still managed by the founding family. No brand stays in business as long as C&J has without an extreme attention to detail and quality.

What makes it special? 

What I love about Crockett & Jones are their understated designs. They're simple, beautiful shoes that will pair easily with other pieces. You're getting a great English shoe that will never go out of style, striking the balance between classic and contemporary.

I also love the longevity of these shoes. All C&J's are Goodyear-welted with very good construction. If you take care of these shoes properly, they'll last for decades.

Check out everything Crockett & Jones offers here.

Contributor: Patrick Kenger

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#3 Barbour

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Want to see the full Barbour collection? Check it out here...

Worn by everyone from The Queen to Hollywood celebs to your average girl on the street, this is my favorite British heritage brand. A Barbour waxed jacket is such a quintessentially British look, but the brand has more to offer. Whether it's a casual cool button-up shirt or a leather travel bag, they've got everything I need to feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

Many other fashion labels try, but no one can quite do a quilted jacket like Barbour. The fit is perfect and their jackets last forever. Their clothing really gives you that mix of casual/ready to trudge through a field and refined, pulled together style, that is hard to pull off. Just look at The Duchess of Cambridge!

Contributor: Kristin Contino | Royal Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

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Every upstanding lady and gentleman in the UK has a waxy Barbour jacket in their closet. Brits pull these out for walks, shoots and pretty much any other outdoor activity in the 'countryside' (anywhere outside a major city). Older ladies will wear a fitted quilted style, while teens and twenty-something girls tend to play it cool in one of the menswear styles. And the more worn-in your Barbour jacket looks, the better.

I love Barbour because it is so thoroughly British. Originally developed for fishermen and shipyard workers, their jackets are utilitarian first and foremost, but always with timeless British style in mind. When the Queen herself seems to live in her Barbour during every excursion to Scotland, you know it's a British institution. (Not to mention the three Royal Warrants that have been granted to Barbour over the years...)

Contributor: Margot Peppers | Fashion And Travel Copywriter

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#4 Stuarts London

Why do we love it? 

Stuarts London stands apart from all the other heritage clothing brands across the UK. It has managed to maintain its reputation for pushing fashion to the maximum (and a little beyond) and stayed true to its mod fashion routes.

What makes it special? 

Unlike all the other brands on this list, you can still stroll into the single independent store in London where the brand was born. As you walk in you'll be greeted by the smiling youthful faces of the next generation of London fashion pioneers. The brand and what it stands for has not changed over the 50+ years it has been around.

Other than that, their style really rocks. 

Check out the full range of Stuarts London clothing here.

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#5 Fred Perry

Why I love the brand?

It has a youthful style, the clothes are always well cut to the body. The Fred Perry polo's are also iconic, it feels like a status symbol as well as a good looking piece of clothing.

What sets it apart from the rest?

The matching colours the brand experiments with, always looks cool and goes against the standard colour designs you find in other brands. Fred Perry also release clothing and footwear that is completely original. For example, the 'Fred Perry George Cox Tassel Loafer's in Ox Blood' that I have, is like no other shoe in its category on the market. Trust me, I've checked.

Contributor: Liam Solomon


#6 Church's

Why we love it? 

Church's is a synonym of timeless British elegance around the world. 

What makes it special? 

They are loved by politicians (Tony Blair had a lucky pair that he wore to every session of Prime Minister's Questions for ten years) as well as by the entertainment industry (Mr. Bean and James Bond are among the characters who used them). 

Contributor: Marco Ferrai

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#7 Burberry

Why do we love it? 

While still keeping a fashion-forward feel, this quintessentially British brand is relatable and wearable for ordinary people.

What makes it special? 

Burberry's pattern-based scarves, trench coats, and other fashion accessories are simply unique. That's why the brand's distinctive check pattern makes the list of World's Most Counterfeited Brands every year!

Check out this season of Burberry here.

Contributor: Marco Ferrai

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#8 Belstaff

Why do we love it? 

Which other brand can claim to have been worn by historical figures such as Lawrence D'Arabia, Arthur Miller and Che Guevara?

What makes it special? 

Founded in 1924 in Staffordshire, this brand has managed to conquer the catwalks across the world, whilst establishing itself as a household name in the motorsport and aviation clothing industry.

Check out the full range of Belstaff clothing here.

Contributor: Marco Ferrai

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#9 Clarks

Why do we love it? 

Who doesn't like the iconic Desert Boot? Designed by Nathan Clark, who took inspirations from the Egyptian shoes sold at Cairo's markets, it was launched in 1950 and its appeal lasts to this day.

What makes it special? 

The durability and stylishness of Clarks shoes make them special. Few people know that the shoemaker is a favourite among Jamaican Reggae artists, to the point that one of the most popular Reggae tunes in recent years is titled Clarks (Vybz Kartel ft. Popcaan & Vannessa Bling).

Want to get some Clarks shoes? Check out their full range here.

Contributor: Marco Ferrai

Company: | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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