3 Month Probation/Trials (2/8)

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When a new hire starts, a good rule of thumb is to set a 3 month probationary period when his/her manager observes and see if the skills and knowledge mentioned on both the new hire’s resume and interviews are translating during daily work-environment. Here at Promocodes.com, we start with assigning small tasks in different formats such as a task to observe the new member’s organizational skills, another task can be open-ended to see how far the team member can take it, another task is assigned to see how the new member is collaborating with other team members etc.

After all these various tasks are assigned, the supervisor creates a better road map of that individuals’ skill set and understands what areas he/she can take the tasks to a great level and what areas of the duties can be given in a limited format. As the team member starts performing and meeting metrics, we start adding a new layer of goals in order to grow that team member while creating an open learning environment.

Contributor: Aydin Karadeniz from promo codes

Written by James Metcalfe

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