Plan (15/20)

Before: Study the company using all possible resources. Note anything unusual (both positive and negative.) you may have noticed. Get excited at all the possibilities of your new career.

Apply: Go through their hiring process. Dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Get in the door.

Interview: Get a tour of the facility. Spend a day if possible. Ask lots of questions. Interview them. Tell them why you belong there and how you can help push the startup forward. Have real ideas.

Be open to doing whatever it takes (Startups require that you be open and flexible in doing whatever needs to be done for the company’s benefit. Not just

what you are applying for. The infrastructure of the business probably does not have employees in all the normal positions, so you need to be ready to fill these gaps even if out of your comfort zone.)

Ask What is it going to take for me to work here? Be sincere.

After: Send thank you letter and inquire about returning to find out more.

Got it: Jump for joy when you get the job offer.

Contributors: John Burkhauser from Bolt On Technology

Written by Ben Skute

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