It’s 2018 Baby (14/20)

To get the attention of an CEO use trending keywords in your application like unicorn, SaaS, growth. Quote Jason Lemkin, Christoph Janz, Andrew Chen. But be relevant to the industry you’re looking in. Avoid the likes of fake news, GOAT, YOLO, FOMO, salty, lit, low key, etc. You name it.

Complete some of Y Combinator’s and/or HubSpot’s free online courses. 2018 is all about MOOCs and microlearning. Show your desire to learn new stuff differently.

Use rich media tools like PowToon, Infogram to create your animated application and stand out. Or you can record yourself with the camera, and pitch the company by video introduction.

Contributors: Norberts Erts from CakeHR

Written by Ben Skute

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