4 Must-Know First Date Outfit Ideas for Women

First dates are exciting, but they come with a bit of stress. “What if I say the wrong thing?” “I hope I don’t snort water out of my nose,” and “What should I wear?” are common thoughts that may race through your mind. While we can’t guarantee a water-free nose, we do have a list of the four must-know first date outfit ideas for women!

Movie Date

A movie date is perhaps the quintessential first date, and everyone needs to have an outfit in mind when your date suggests a trip to the theater. This is an excellent opportunity to choose a comfortable, cute, and casual outfit since most of the date will involve sitting in a dark room.

The key to a movie date look is nailing the first impression, as your date won’t have a ton of time to study your outfit before the lights dim for the trailers. Comfortable pumps with pants and a cute top are the best combination to achieve this goal. Go for wide-leg pants in a loose fabric to get the best blend of comfort and style.

Dinner Date

The dinner date is an easy go-to choice for people who want a little more romance. Whether you’re heading to a fancy restaurant or a casual sit-down spot, a dress is usually the safest bet. Go for a hem that ends below the knee along with a fitted-but-comfortable cut. Don’t forget your accessories, as a few pieces of light jewelry can pull a look together.

Outdoor Date

Picnics and walks in the park require extra thought because your outfit will need to change depending on the season. For an outdoor date in the summertime, anything with soft and flowy materials (sundresses and maxi dresses) are a good way to start. When the weather gets colder, you can never go wrong with jeans and a cute sweater. Accentuate the look with a nice pair of boots, and you’re all set!

Casual Date

Finally, everyone needs a look for a casual date: bowling, mini-golf, or grabbing a coffee. You want your outfit to look easy-going but chic, so denim is a no-brainer. To spice up your garb, pair jeans with a blazer to pull off the perfect casual-yet-stylish vibe.

Now that you’ve heard our four must-know first date outfit ideas for women, you may wonder whether you need to shell out boatloads of cash to achieve these looks. Thankfully, no! There are many ways to dress fashionably on a budget, so never fear!

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Written by Selena Thomas

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