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Why It’s Important To Buy Coffee Beans over Grounds When Making Some At Home

Are you finding it difficult to choose between coffee beans and ground beans? Well, you are not alone. The two are great for brewing coffee. However, they differ in terms of health benefits, quality, and convenience. Of course, with coffee beans, you will have to grind them by yourself. But the benefits are real. So, if you have been wondering why people prefer coffee beans to ground ones, keep reading. The article is going to delve into the benefits of coffee beans.

But first, what’s your brewing method?

The first question that should come into your mind is: which brewing method will you be using? The brewing method used determines the type of beans you use. For instance, coffee beans work best for drip brewers such as manual pourovers as well as home coffee makers. Such coffee has the best coarseness for this method.

On the other hand, pre-ground coffee is not best for a brewing method that demands a fine and coarse grind. So, if you have an espresso maker and percolator—this type of coffee isn’t going to work for you.

Coffee Beans: The Health Benefits

Coffee beans come with a myriad of health benefits. In fact, most doctors recommend Home grounds when it comes to coffee. It helps people stay healthy. Millions of coffee beans cups are consumed on a daily basis. According to stats, nearly half of US adults consume coffee beans drinks per day. It helps them stay alert often more—especially at night. So, if you are a coffee lover, keep reading to find out the numerous health benefits it brings on board.

Type 2 Diabetes

Coffee beans contain antioxidants like CGA. So, if you drink coffee regularly, you reduce your chances of developing type two diabetes. According to experts, you need to take multiple cups—ideally 4-6 per day—to reap maximum benefits. Plus, other studies are suggesting that CGA in coffee beans can help keep insulin levels even.

Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are a major concern in this modern world. People are constantly looking for solutions to keep heart diseases at bay. And one of the best solutions is coffee beans. So, grab a cup of coffee beans and keep your heart happy. Cardiovascular issues like heart failure can be prevented by taking two cups of coffee on a daily basis. They keep heart rhythm disturbances at bay. Plus, it helps prevent stroke.

Reduced risk of Getting Skin Cancer

In the US, Malignant melanomas skin cancer issues are common—threatening the lives of many people. According to research, taking at least 2 cups of coffee on a daily basis reduces your chances of developing this type of cancer by 20 percent. So, buy coffee beans and brew your coffee at home. Doing so will be reducing your chances of developing skin cancer.


Cancer is one of the biggest concerns in the modern world. And if there is a solution people should get is how to prevent it. Several measures have been formulated. Among them is the use of coffee beans. For instance, taking coffee on a regular basis reduces your chances of developing both liver and prostate cancer. Research shows that coffee drinkers are 40 % less likely to suffer from liver cancer. Also, coffee reduces your chances of developing other types of cancers—including oral, colon, and rectal, as well as the uterine type of cancer.

Parkinson’s disease

Don’t welcome Parkinson’s diseases into your life. Drink more coffee. Buy those coffee beans. Brew your coffee. Take a few cups each day and you’ll be reducing your chances of developing Parkinson’s disease. In fact, stats show that taking 2-3 cups of coffee made from coffee beans reduces your chances of developing this condition by 25 percent.

Live Longer

Everybody—including you—wants to live longer, right? Well, it starts by drinking more coffee. According to research studies, drinking coffee on a regular basis reduces premature deaths among people. So, if you want to live longer, start with coffee beans.

Why Buy Coffee Beans

Aside from health benefits, coffee beans come with numerous advantages. They include:

Superior Freshness

Coffee beans stay fresh for longer periods of time than their ground counterparts. The coffee bean—when tightly wrapped in a roasted jacket—prevents oxygen from reaching its content. This prolongs the beans’ life—making them stay fresh for long. So, if freshness for longer periods of time is what you are looking for in coffee, go for coffee beans.

More Flavor

The flavor is something every coffee lover craves for. It makes you feel that you are taking real coffee. And that’s what coffee beans deliver. Unlike their ground counterparts which lose flavor on the way, coffee beans come with the whole flavor—making them a popular option among coffee lovers.

Brewing Method

Well, coffee beans give you numerous options when it comes to the brewing method. For instance, you can go for dip coffee and still make it, stick to pour-over and achieve tremendously, or even experiment with espresso extraction and have first-class coffee. So, if you are looking to experiment with different coffee brewing methods, think in terms of coffee beans.

Great Aroma

Coffee beans come with a superior aroma that their ground counterparts. You get coffee in its original form. So, if you are a coffee lover and you really need that aroma, why not try coffee beans? Of course, you will have to grind them by yourself. However, the benefits are real. Have your coffee beans and let the aroma do the talking. It’s a great way to take your coffee.

The Bottom-Line

Coffee beans are increasingly becoming popular in homes—especially for those who are health conscious. Drinking coffee on a regular basis comes with numerous benefits. From reducing prostate cancer, preventing Parkinson’s disease, to letting you live longer—coffee from coffee beans can hugely benefit your body. So, if these are the things you are looking for in coffee, start with coffee beans. Take a few cups each day and realize these benefits.

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