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The Most Popular Online Social Games

Gaming is one of the most fun and enjoyable forms of entertainment on the planet right now, and while playing alone can be very exhilarating, playing with others is even better. This has seen online social games rapidly grow in popularity, with more people investing their time, and money, into playing games with friends, family members, and other gamers in the online world.

An all time classic and very popular social game that still manages to hold its own in the online world is bingo. You couldn’t really ask for a better social game than bingo as it’s a simple game to pick up and play, the environments are always fun and friendly, and there are chat hosts to keep players engaged. Online bingo also offers players the opportunity to take part in some great tournaments, with fantastic prizes up for grabs regularly too. As a result, we have witnessed unrelenting accession of mFortune Bingo and other brands who have focussed on this traditional pastime.

The gaming industry has certainly moved in the direction of social gaming over the last few years, and this has seen titles such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Blackout and PUBG come to the fore. While some may not immediately recognise these games as social types, they all offer players the opportunity to team up with others to win. Fortnite, which has fast become one of the greatest games of all time, in a way it brought people back to gaming and back together, with friends reconnecting to enjoy some battle royale action.

Minecraft and Roblox are also recognised as brilliant social games by many, with both titles proving extremely popular across a range of devices. Minecraft took the world by storm when it was first released, especially as it’s a game that is described as having no rules or objectives. Players are free to play out their own game how they wish, and they can do this with others in multiplayer servers, which saw the games popularity rise to a whole new level.

Roblox, like Minecraft, has proved popular on console and mobile, with the game being classed as a massively multiplayer title. Players can enjoy a 3D environment which has thousands of games packed within it, with millions of customisation options and a virtual economy present. Roblox is all about creativity and imagination, and being able to share that with others, therefore making it a social game that people of all ages will enjoy. Using skyblock is an amazing way to engage students and make their learning relevant and meaningful.

Another brilliant social gaming opportunity comes in the form of a game completely different from the ones mentioned so far. Sea of Thieves is a social game like no other, as most time players will find themselves at sea. While players can set out on voyages alone, they will still be playing in a live environment where they will come across other players, who they can interact with. Some of the larger boats on the game require crews of 2+, meaning that players will have to work together to achieve their goals, communicating along the way. is another fantastic game to mention. Hearts is one of the most played card games of all time and can be enjoyed in any social setting any played in single or multiplayer modes. The game is simple in objective, the trick taking card game is won by the player that has the fewest points once someone scores 100. features insightful tips and helpful guides making it ideal for players of any level.

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