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Relive Your Favourite Video Games This Summer!

There’s nothing quite like an amazing video game to invest hundreds and hundreds of hours into, creating nostalgic memories that stay with you for a lifetime. Most of us have a set list of games that instantly strike up that familiar nostalgia when they appear again on our screens. With the outbreak of newer, more powerful gaming consoles, there has never been a better time to scoop up a remastered vintage game and enjoy a fresh wave of addictive gameplay!

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#1 Crash Bandicoot

Our favourite Australian marsupial first spun onto our screens in 1996 and truly was a revelation in the gaming market. Showcasing the new PlayStation 2's ability to run games in 3-D, seven million copies were sold in the first game alone as Crash Bandicoot cemented itself as one of gaming's most iconic franchises.

Combining and remastering the acclaimed first three games in the Bandicoot series ("Crash Bandicoot", "Cortex Strikes Back" and "Warped"), this release will not disappoint any one time fans of the initial releases. Nothing has been left out from the N.Sane trilogy, we just hope that this fine game is just the start of a revival for the wampa-collecting, spin-dashing, lovably wild bandicoot.

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#2 Sonic the Hedgehog

When SEGA introduced Sonic the Hedgehog to us in 1991, they ensured they would cement themselves as one of the leading teams in the gaming world for decades to come. The blue hedgehog is known right across the globe for his fast-paced, visually stunning installments that have continued to evolve as the years have come and gone.

With SEGA's latest release in the installment, Sonic Forces pays homage to the saga right across the years, suiting all fans of this impressive franchise. Whether trekking across the nostalgic Green Hill zone as the 1990s vintage Sonic, or thundering through armies of Eggman's minions as our contemporary hero, there's no end to the fun a fan of this blue hedgehog might have with this feature.

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#3 Rayman

Rayman has been an ever-present good guy on our screens since 1995, his trademark blonde hair, powerful fists and purple shirt have become instantly recognisable to video gamers all around the globe. From his side-scrolling adventures in the 1990s, to the vast expansive levels of the franchise's later installments, Rayman has racked up quite the fandom.

Rayman Legends produces some of the brightest, most vibrant level designs that leave us nostalgically thinking back to the classic releases. With a whole host of familiar friends to play along with, Rayman Legends ticks all the boxes in presenting all fans of this franchise with yet another classic.

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#4 Worms

When Worms was first released in 1995, it instantly marked itself out as a fresh franchise with an absolute ton to enjoy. The map designs, variety in characters and weapons and competitive nature of each play-through have ensured that every release has built on the saga's initial successes. Whether it's against the game's computer or tackling one of your friends, Worms has shown itself to being one of the most addictive games around.

In Worms WMD we are given one the most well-polished, expansive games the franchise has ever produced. Combining all of the classic features that made us all hooked, Team 17 have done a wonderful job in adding plenty of fresh layers to make sure that this latest release marks another top addition to this series.

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#5 Super Mario

Our favourite Italian plumber has been gracing our screens ever since the 1980s, hoovering up fans right across the world and establishing himself as not only one of the most successful video game characters ever, but one of the most recognisable as well. Super Mario games have cemented themselves in our markets with their highly addictive platforming adventures as well their increasingly beautiful designs.

Mario Odyssey is the latest installment in the franchise, showing off all the wonders that Nintendo can muster up. In a worldwide adventure, Mario Odyssey combines both the action packed exploration features from previous games with the more retro platforming that classic fans will fondly remember.

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Written by James Metcalfe