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The Basics of Renting an Ice Machine

You may be having an event that requires plenty of cooling. Summer is just around the corner and the temperatures can get out of hand. If it is a big event, you will need an ice machine to keep things cool at all times. There are a couple of factors that you will need to have in mind whether you’re thinking about buying or renting an ice machine and we have highlighted some of them.

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There are brands that are known to produce high-quality products and can be relied upon to deliver when it truly matters. The internet is a free resource and you can do your research on pretty much anything. Make sure you’re researching on several options and comparing them in terms of functionality and price.  The brand should be able to effectively address your needs at that particular time.

Power Source

The kind of power source an ice machine will require will depend on how the machine is electronically configured. You should check the electronic configuration as it will determine if the ice machine can work with conventional outlets. Most ice machines have the 150/60/1 configuration and will work with a standard three-pronged outlet. If it has a different configuration, you may need to look for a different outlet which is not ideal especially if you’re on a budget. The leasing company should provide a specs sheet so that you can analyze the details when looking for “refrigerator rentals near me” It will also be a good idea to consult with an electrician so that you can know how the machine will be fitted.

Environmentally Friendly

As much as you’re renting an ice machine, you want to make sure it is environmentally friendly. This means it doesn’t consume a lot of power and it is efficient when it comes to functionality. You should look for the Energy Start Compliant badge. Such machines are usually remote-cooled or air-cooled. Water-cooled ice machines can’t be complaint given the fact that they consume a lot of energy.

Water Filter

You should be asking yourself if a water filter is necessary depending on the purpose of renting the ice machine. Having a water filter is recommended as it will remove bad odor and sediments which result in clear ice cubes. A water filter is not designed to last forever. It should be replaced as having an old filter could do more harm than good. If you own a commercial ice machine, it is recommended that the filters are replaced after every six months.


Anything could happen when you’re renting the ice machine. It could also be a lease and sometimes it can break down when you least expect. The leasing company should provide the necessary insurance so that you’re not personally liable for the damages that can come about when using the ice machine. Shopping around will give you an idea of what is being provided so that you’re able to get the best company with favorable conditions when it comes insurance.

Life Expectancy

This is particularly important if you’re leasing the ice machine. It is will be difficult to determine the exact life expectancy of an ice machine. You will have to factor how well it is maintained and how often it used in determining the life expectancy. An ice machine can last for more than 10 years if it is well maintained even if it is used on a daily basis. To be on the safe side, there is a guarantee it will last 4 to 5 years. It is unheard of for ice machines to break down because of poor maintenance.

Return Policy

What happens when you don’t like the ice machine that you’ve rented? The leasing company should an open policy to deal with returns. There shouldn’t be complications as that may lead to customers not being satisfied with the services. Ideally, you should test the product first before you can decide to rent or buy it. You can always look for alternatives if the product doesn’t suit your needs. Make sure you’re reading the terms and conditions before deciding to hire the ice machine.

To sum it up, it is important that you start by doing research. Look for ice machine rental services in your area and compare them based on value for money and service offering. You can also explore the option of buying as opposed to renting depending on the circumstances. Having the right information will help you in making a good decision.

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