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Cook Up A Storm With Hape Toys! Gifts For Children Aged 1-3 Yrs+

Celebrating the best in sustainably sourced children’s toys, Hape transform your traditional wooden classics into the modern day equivalent, to be cherished, loved and to last a lifetime.

What better example than Hape’s longstanding and much loved Kitchen & Food range, perfect for children aged 1-3 Yrs +. Capturing your child’s love of food and cooking, when accompanied with our favourite ingredient – imagination, Hape’s play sets are sure to whip up a recipe for success.

Pop-Up Toaster, from Amazon.

Breakfast time has never been so fun thanks to this two slice toaster from Hape. Pull the wooden lever and watch as the toast shoots up in a realistic motion. Complete with butter and honey, children will love to prepare and serve up a tasty breakfast.

24M +

Tea Set For Two, from Amazon.

As a cup of tea makes everything better, it’s not just the kids who will love with the Tea Set For Two from Hape. Offering the perfect opportunity to take a break and catch up with your collection of dolls and stuffed animal friends. This set comes complete with teapot, coasters, tea bag and sugar pot, one last thing, can you pass me the milk?


My Coffee Machine, from Amazon.

Rise and shine with a morning brew thanks to this single-serve Coffee Machine from Hape. With all the essentials to make a great cup of coffee, including; cup, milk, sugar, coffee pod and spoon. This machine will make one charming addition to any kitchen, and the perfect start to a new day.


Garden Vegetables, from Amazon.

Cut and serve your veggies to make every meal a nutritional, healthy one with Hape’s Garden Vegetables. Encouraging a healthy balanced diet not only for you dollies but for your children’s own eating habits too. Get your 5 a day with Hape’s choice of onion, tomato, pepper, corn, carrot and leak.


Mix ‘N Bake Blender, from Amazon.

Can’t wait to grow up and own your very own bakery? Practise makes perfect with Hape’s Mix ‘N Bake Blender. Wait for the delicious smell of baking to fill your home, from a freshly baked loaf of bread to a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Watch as the turnable blender begins to rotate just like a real mixer.


Fresh Fruit, from Amazon.

Swap the chocolate for a sweeter, healthier alternative with the Fresh Fruit bundle from Hape. Including a kiwi, orange, apple, banana, lemon and pear, use the play knife to get slicing and dicing, to cook up some creative recipes and achieve some seriously delicious meals.


My First Waffle Maker, from Amazon.

Everyone loves waffles and now children can make their own delicious waffles for breakfast with the My First Waffle Maker from Hape. Put the waffles in the waffle maker, adjust the temperature dial, then remove carefully using the tongs. But what’s missing? strawberries and maple syrup, for that extra slice of sweetness.


Healthy Basics, from Amazon.

All essentials for the fridge or freezer, eggs, milk, cheese and fruit juice are to name just a few classics in the Hape Healthy Basics bundle, a must have for any play kitchen. Children can learn just what goes into making healthy food choices and with the cupboards stocked there will be no need to run out to the grocers.


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