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8 Steps to Succeed as a Writer

Thinking that being an artist or a writer is an inborn gift is true to some extent, but you can develop any of these skills with practice and hard work. Every college student is an essay maker and knows the basic writing techniques and can become a writer with the modus operandi to succeed.

Here are the 8 tried and tested techniques of succeeding as a professional writer:

Take a decision

Becoming a full-time professional writer is far more than offering research paper writing service to your fellow students. Once you decide to be a writer, you will gain confidence, and eventually, you will develop the dedication to make your dream become a reality.

Once you have taken the decision you need to start acting on it, trust yourself. Try to be your own mentor but do not beat yourself up by instantly wanting to create a masterpiece. You may not like the first piece you write but keep reminding yourself it is just the beginning.

Set a direction

Once you have decided to write it is time to know how to start writing a book or what you want to write about, you have to first find your niche as a content creator. Good writing is always about some ordinary thing making it look great through eloquence and dexterity. It would be a good idea if you write the argument or the central idea of your book in one sentence and keep it in front of you while you comprise the whole manuscript. This way you do not deviate from the central idea as the varied thoughts sometimes take you away from the main thought on which the book is based on. As when in your college days you provide the main thesis statement to us essay writing service Study Clerk so that they create your entire essay around the main thought so you could get a better grade.

Set a target

To complete your book on time, you need to set a daily goal for yourself. This will enable you to meet your target everyday keeping you motivated and probably you will finish before time. Many professional writers have another full-time job like John Grisham began as a lawyer and new dad but wrote a book. Meaning that you could still be in a program or have a job but setting a word count limit to meet every day will give you an attainable goal and help you build momentum.

Also, it will enable you to show that small writing piece to your friend or mentor to get advice, as when in your school days you sought essay writing help from a friend or teacher to get it right the first time. Writing is a tough job, and you will need guidance to master the craft, stay prepared for that.


Set up a routine

Writing a book for the first time could be tough, but you can achieve it with convenience if you show a little bit of perseverance. Consistency is the key to a successful writing career, and it makes creativity easier. After setting a daily target, you need to set a daily deadline too. Set up a particular time for writing the word count you set for yourself, suppose you decide to sit every day at 7 in the evening. Make sure that you never skip the routine and eventually you will notice that you automatically sit at 7 every day to finish your target.

Set up a place

It is part of a writing ritual that you choose the same place and time for writing as it subconsciously puts you in a mode to start writing. Choose a peaceful corner of your house or a library and sit there every day to write a piece.

Keep yourself motivated

It is important to stay motivated throughout the process. Few early attempts of unsuccessful writing should not let your morale down. Stay strong and give yourself a weekly deadline. Read motivational books like how to become an author or how to finish a book on time, and it will reveal how authors have to overcome hurdles on their own to finish that masterpiece.

Give feedback

You couldn’t rewrite an essay in college or high school; imagine rewriting a whole book because you did not ask for advice on any of the chapters or ideas. Make a third eye go through the pieces as you write, someone who you give you honest feedback, it could be your teacher, a friend or even a family member but you need to trust someone to tell you whether you can put in words as you intended or not.

Embrace the consequences

Remember it is your first ever attempt at writing a book. You may do exceptionally well as you have rewritten many essays in your college, but you may as well not do as you expected. However, the result of your first attempt does not give up, keep trying and remember that most famous authors had to make so many attempts before they got their first book published.

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