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You are My World Quotes

If you are genuinely in love, then you are a lucky person because not everyone can experience this marvelous feeling. Love makes your life brighter, your personality stronger, and the future happier.

When you love somebody, this person becomes your world because you dedicate your life to your partner, share your love and care, and fill the life of your loved one with the best emotions. Presenting joy is easy, and sending you are my world quotes is one of the possible options. Do not underestimate the power of words; they can melt any heart and fill it with tenderness.

Here are some touching quotes you can send your beloved one.

You are My Everything Quotes

Sharing your life with your soulmate is one of the best things ever. Once you find the one, make every moment you spend together special by showering each other with words of love.

Here are you are my everything quotes you can use to express your commitment, love, and appreciation.

  1. Romantic words can express the whole range of feelings. Take it from Rabindranath Tagore: “I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever.” It sounds terrific, doesn’t it?
  2. Show that your loved one has changed your life and your personality. “I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.” — Roy Croft
  3. Love means ultimate acceptation, ultimate understanding, and boundless love. “No matter what people say, I will keep loving you until my heart beats no more. Without you, I am no more. You are my everything.” – Unknown

You are the Love of My Life Quotes

When you are in love, you are overwhelmed with the feelings of complete bliss and endless happiness. When you are in love, you and your loved one become a tight-knit family. When you are in love, your partner becomes the sense of your life, and all you do is because of love.

Do you rave about your soulmate? Express with the help of these gentle words that your significant other if the source of your happiness and the whole of your heart.

  1. We don’t believe in love until we meet somebody who shows us what true love means. This quote by Herman Hesse will leave your partner speechless. “If I know what love is, it is because of you.”
  2. Pledge your endless love. Show that this fantastic feeling is engraved forever in your heart, and its light will always illuminate your soul. Karl Jonas knows how to do it: “No matter how far you go, I will keep loving you because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I really love you!”

You are My World Poems

Someone has said that billions cannot understand the world of two lovers. Indeed, this is a true statement. A person who loves you, supports you, understands you, and accepts you the way you are, becomes your world.

The feeling when the hearts beat in unison, and the hands are intertwined forever, only soulmates can understand.

These heartwarming you are my world poems will emphasize your special connection.

  1. When you meet “your” person, you understand why things haven’t worked out earlier. Your significant other makes you complete, and life becomes something incredible. Sarah Jenkins shares your feelings, and she expresses them in her poem:

“There’s something you don’t know,

And that just how I feel,

The thoughts that go through my mind,

Have never felt this real.

You make me feel as if I’m beautiful,

Like I’m all you want to see,

The only thing I don’t understand,

Is why you chose me.

When your hand touches mine,

There’s this tingle feeling I get inside,

You make me feel so loved,

And now I know that I need not hide.

Oh how did I ever get this lucky,

Why do you only want me?

Am I all that was out there?

Or do you see something I don’t see?

I’m so thankful that we’re together,

Because I would be lost without you,

Just tell me that you love me,

Like I truly love you.

Did you know that your my world?

Your my life, my love, my happiness,

I’m so lucky you chose me,

Because only I can feel your caress.

I wanted to thank you,

For all you’ve given me,

You let me love again,

And set my spirit free.

I always think about you,

Every single second of the day,

I think of how happy you’ve made me,

And how I wish you’ll always stay.”

  1. Love inspires you to try harder, to become better, and to create the best future for your spouse. Love means that you enter the world of infinite joy, tenderness, and happiness. Dean Coombes describes in his poem what love means:

“You’re my love, my life,

The air that I breathe.

You’re my soul, my happiness,

The all that I need.

You’re my light, my dark,

The stars in the sky.

You’re my ups, my downs,

The reason I try.

You’re my strength, my weakness,

The love from the start.

You’re my heartache, my pain,

The beat of my heart

You’re my tears, my joy,

The love that you bring.

You’re my world, my galaxy,

You’re my everything.”

  1. To love and be loved is the greatest happiness. A loved one is all you need to enjoy this life. According to Julie Hebert, blessed she is “who received this gift.” Yes, love is indeed a blessing. Sending a poem by Julie Hebert is an excellent opportunity to proclaim your love uniquely.

“There will come a time when I will stop,

And think how did I deserve all this.

A loving partner to come home to each day,

A wonderful marital bliss.

Blessed am I who received this gift,

Bless am I indeed.

Help me to share my gratefulness,

You my love are all I ever need.”

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