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Tips Choosing Your Sports Bra: Bra Support And Bra Construction

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Choosing the right sports bra to wear whatever size your breast is, is important. Considering the shape, size and activity level is necessary to ensure that the sports bra you will choose can suite you perfectly. Although, these sports bras are usually used by athletes, some still choose this type of bra than any other option because of the comfort and support it can provide.

Unfortunately, if you choose and use the wrong sports bra, you might end up with breast pain and worse soft tissue damage. To keep you with extreme comfort and security all throughout, whatever lifestyle you have, adequate support from your bra is a must.

When choosing the best sports bra for you, you have to give high consideration with the bra support and construction.

Sports Bra Support

It is necessary that you match the sports bra you purchase with the type and kind of activity you do. By doing so, you are giving yourself the privilege of enjoying not only comfort but utmost performance while in your sports bra.

Sports bra are made to provide 3 levels of support, and these you have to match with your lifestyle; low support, medium support and high support to use on low, medium and high impact activities, consecutively.

To give you few activities to match specific sports bra support, check on the below:

  • Low Support: strength training, yoga and walking
  • Medium support: road cycling, skiing and moderate hiking
  • High support: mountain biking, aerobics and running

If you plan to participate in different activities, it is important that you make yourself equipped with different kinds of support bra. If you are torn between two options, always choose the one that has higher support level, like when you are torn between low support and medium support, choosing medium support is recommended.

Sports Bra Construction

The construction of sports bras differs, and choosing which amongst them can give you utmost comfort and protection is necessary. To see more about this, click this link:

Basically there are three sports bra construction: encapsulation, compression and encapsulation and compression. To give you a more detailed information of each, check on the below:

  • Encapsulation sports bra: This kind of bra use cups individually to support and surround each breast. There is completely no compression on this kind of bras hence best to use every day. You can use this kind of bra on minimal and low impact activities. Encapsulation sports bra gives wearer a more natural breast shape in comparison with a compression bra.
  • Compression sports bra: This kind of bras are pulling over the wearers head and compressing her breasts against her chest wall so movements are restricted. The basic design of compression sports bra has no built in cups, hence won’t help giving shape to the breast. This kind of sport bras are best to use for activities between low up to medium impacts.
  • Encapsulation and compression sports bra: This kind of sports bra is the most used and known. It combines all the methods and benefits of what encapsulation sports bra and compression sports bra can offer plus more comfortable and supportive style. The support it can provide is beyond what a compression and encapsulation alone can offer. And with all these being said, encapsulation and compression sports bra are the best choice for women who are into activities that have high impacts like running, aerobics and mountain biking.

Now that you have tons of sports bra options on hand, there is no reason at all to suffer the pain and health concerns of not using the right one. Do not attempt to work on activities without using the right support on your breast as it can offer you health issues that you would never want to experience or have.

Before spending on sports bras, it is highly recommended that you make the wisest and right decisions. You can ask around the experts or sales representatives before making a purchase. They may not be the most expensive but yet, you would not want to buy a sports bra that will not serve its purpose and end up spending your hard earned money for nothing.

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