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6 Reasons Why Sushi Is Tops for Dinner

Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash

Planning a dinner party can be daunting, especially, if it comes with having to take into account party guests who are dairy-, gluten- and sugar-free. This is where the appetizing Japanese culinary art of sushi is a winner thanks to this fine form of raw food being saturated with Omega 3.

It’s hard to believe you’d need any persuasion to indulge in sushi for supper, but, in case you do, here are some more reasons why sushi is the star of any dinner table.

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1. Rice vinegar rolls back infections

The word ‘sushi’ does not actually refer to the raw fish associated with sushi but is more closely aligned with the word ‘sashimi’. ‘Sushi’ is a more accurate description of the presentation of the dishes in its various guises, which involves rice and rice vinegar. The latter is rich in antibacterial effects, and research has also linked it to lower blood pressure levels. As a vinegar, it helps prevent your cells from ageing and restores alkalinity to your body.

2. Stylish and readily available

With sushi, each bite is crafted to resemble a palatable parcel on its own. These days sushi is so popular that it is, fortunately, easy to find. Stroll down most high streets and you’re bound to bump into at least one sushi establishment, while every major train station has a take-out ready to serve busy commuters a convenient on-the-go meal. Alternatively, mainstay delivery services such as Deliveroo mean you never have to leave your home for fresh, scintillating sushi – the options really are endless.

3. Status symbol

Japan has cultivated traditions distinctive not just from our Western world but even from its closest neighbours. And then, within that, sushi is said to be a subculture all on its own. Being able to enjoy this king of the culinary delights is seen as the preserve of those with refined tastes and stylish enough to keep up with prized food trends.

4. Ginger

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The pickled pink ginger meant to be consumed between different types of sushi dishes (but
often devoured as a seriously tasty side on its own) is more than just a palate cleanser. It comes with immensely beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, amongst other health benefits. However you consume this zesty spice, it is also a natural aid to nausea and a powerful antioxidant, meaning it helps fight free radicals, the invaders responsible for ageing in the body.

5. Seaweed

The dried sheets of this mineral-rich extraction from the ocean do more than merely providing an encasing for sushi. It contains nearly every nutrient known to help your thyroid function properly. As the thyroid is critical to regulating metabolism and helping with other bodily functions such as sleep as well, nori gets a massive ‘yes’ nod on the health front.

6. Sushi is a dietary pleaser

If you are low on carbs and high on fat, sashimi fits right into your keto diet and paleo diet all at once. Being rice-based and using natural derivatives of everything, sushi is free from sodium, MSG, preservatives, additives, colorants, artificial flavor enhancers, gluten, sugar (mostly) and dairy. It is about as ‘free-from’ a form of food as you could hope to eat!

Minute changes to personal diet often lead to lasting changes in health and mental well-being. In this demanding pace of life, it can be reassuring to know that it is actually that simple.

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