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6 Books Every Doctor (And Future Doctor) Should Read

If you’re a doctor (or want to be a doctor) then these are the 6 books that you should read…

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#1 How We Can Halt The Cipro & Levaquin Catastrophe by Jay S. Cohen M.D.

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics are the most widely prescribed antibiotics in the world. They are also in our food supply, as they are given to livestock. They have been recognized by the FDA and Health Canada as causing a slew of terrible adverse reactions. The EU just had a hearing on the dangers of these drugs. The FDA has three black box warnings, the most recent in 2016 recognizing these drugs can cause a constellation of symptoms that are permanently disabling.

The problem is they list the permanent disability problem as rare. It is not rare, but underreported because the adverse reactions usually occur months or even years after taking the drugs! People have not been connecting the dots as to why they have IBS, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, peripheral neuropathy, intense psychiatric problems, etc. When patients connect the dots the doctors tell them it can't be the antibiotic they were prescribed.

This is a medical nightmare worse than thalidomide! Doctors are completely unaware of the devastation these medications cause. And, when they do prescribe them they are also prescribing other drugs that are contraindicated at the same time! People are dying, or are in such misery they wish they were dead! Also, to counter the undiagnosed effects of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity they give steroid injections for the pain, or prescribe NSAIDS which makes things WORSE.

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  1. This drug ruined my life, I have just about every symptom on the black box warning. I haven’t been able to work for 19 months, I feel every year I get worse. I pray for help someday because most doctors don’t want to admit these drugs do this damage.

  2. 21 years of misery! Hugely life affecting in many areas, health ruined to point of disability, and way going I suspect life ending after last hit 2016. Another thalidomide, I suspect worse!

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#2 How to Make Disease Disappear by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee's progressive view of medicine is a breath of fresh air. His recommendations on how to improve health align with our company's core value of living well. Your health isn't something you triage when an issue arises, but rather it should be a focus in everyday life. It is all-encompassing. Reducing the processed food and sugar out of your diet and replacing it with real food. Taking time away from social media to reduce stress and making time for being grateful. Improving quality of sleep by following nature's intended cycle for man. Getting out and moving more in a world that is doing the opposite.

A lot of the advice seems so obvious, but forgotten in our marketing-heavy world of bad fitness and health tips. Go back to the basics, stop working against what comes naturally to us, and slowly repair the damage we've unknowingly done to ourselves.

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#4 Lessons in Service by Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter was a fine dining chef/restaurateur in Chicago. His book should be recommended reading for physicians because it gives amazing examples of 'surprise and delight' culture and 'making it right.' Doctors go to school for X amount of years and learn all about their specialty, but don't really learn about business or marketing and have a hard time conceptualizing these two marketing tenets that are major influencers currently when choosing a provider.

In this satisfaction survey and review generating society, patients score practices higher when their staff is on point and their experience is excellent. It's less about the physician's accolades and expertise. That's just the hard truth and this book can help doctors struggling to get over that hump. It's inspiring, easy-to-read and will give physicians the out-of-the-box concepts they need to set themselves apart with excellent bedside manner/customer service/hospitality.

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#6 Hereditary breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome (HBOC) by Teri Smi

Yes, Angelina Jolie brought global awareness to this issue with her major announcement” that she carried a BRCA mutation and underwent preventative surgeries. However, the intricate puzzle pieces and red flags that go along with increased cancer risk are still not being put together by doctors. This book helps fill that void in an authoritative yet conversational way that is easy for both the healthcare professional and the lay person to understand. The result: EPIC ENLIGHTENMENT and A LIFE-SAVING BOOK. Easy to read, moving, educational. A must read for patients and for doctors in all specialties.

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  1. I really hope that we have a North American conference i would like to give my testimony and research in front of a hearing. Make no mistake wide use of these antibiotics have caused a worldwide epidemic. Dr. Lonnie Herman, Florida specializes in detoxifying the body will educate all doctors in 20 minutes on this subject that will make much more sense then what happened in the 4 hour EU session alone. Kaniesiology tests are needed why blood is checked on the whole he goes through the white blood cell to see the entire blue print of every disease infection any organ etc in the body has presented in your lifetime to the present. In order to treat this the patient must be dealt as a individual, first test leaky gut nobody in EU even mentioned that which 3 things are tested for at 100% accuracy.One of these leaky gut occurence if found takes 4-6 months to treat by itself. So all patients are different and need to be detoxified as individual this is the key to recovery getting to the root not treating the symptoms Nsaid’s and Steroid injections are not the cure. Magnesium for some iodine for others etc. Vitamin C injections for the joints ligaments etc may be needed.

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