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Must-Read Books 2019 Edition

One thing that you can never get over is reading well-written, perfect storyline books with perfectly-developed characters and the right use of the English language. Thanks to the renowned authors, there has never been a shortage in the libraries. Every year comes with its share of on-point, must-read books.

2019 was no exception, and though we are just halfway through it, it has presented us with a great selection already. The books below have been largely read and reviewed, not only by students themselves but also in major sites like If you are looking for a book to read and just can’t select for yourself, a pick from this list will surely thrill you. There are things about these books that won’t let you rest until you have read them.

1. Machines Like Me

This book has effortlessly managed to capture the hearts of many readers, both seasoned and beginners. The positive reaction is all thanks to the exciting storyline and the whimsical skills applied by the author. Written by Ian McEwan, the book wipes away the boundaries that have been believed exist, and which have limited the possibility of intimacy and strong bonds between human beings and robots. As Charlie and his girlfriend Miranda dedicate their time in creating their perfect robot, feelings develop, and strong bonds emerge. It gets more and more interesting with every flipped page. This book is well-written with easily-understandable language, making it a good read for basically any student of any reasonable level of education.

2. Lanny

Another exciting book that has been the talk of the town is Lanny by Max Porter. Max Porter is a seasoned author that has written highly-reviewed and loved books like Grief is The Thing With Feathers. He is natural with words and, just as usual, his wackiness is on point, and the storyline is entirely engaging. Lanny itself is an engaging story of an intelligent English boy who suddenly goes missing under very questionable circumstances. The story builds up into mysteries and creates very captivating suspense, which makes the story even more enjoyable. Readers have responded perfectly to the book, and besides the high rate at which it is selling, there are also tons of essays and reviews going around about it.

3. Sing To It

The third must-read book in 2019 is the widely loved and spoken-of Sing To It. The book is by Amy Hempel, and as most would know, she never stops at anything until she has the readers’ mind and heart at her mercy. She does the same thing in Sing To It, and readers have grown to love it. Though the positive response has been from across different categories of readers, the book has been reviewed mostly by college students.

4. American Spy

Lauren Wilkinson has indeed dedicated the right amount of energy into ensuring her readers are satisfied, well-engaged and thoroughly entertained by her novel, American Spy. Just read the title, and you already know what the book entails. But besides spying, the book also has love, relationship and intimate scenes that give it just the right amount of steam it requires to be as sizzling as it is. FBI agent, Marie Mitchell, is tasked with seducing President Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso. However, the job does not go as smooth as she might have thought. She finds herself torn between being a responsible agent and reacting to her undeniable admiration of the charismatic president. This builds up into tons of raw drama, which ultimately turns the book into a thriller in its own definition. Not to forget, the writing style is on-point, and so is the vivid descriptions used.

5. You Know You Want This

Last but not least is You Know You Want This by Kristen Roupenian. This book is among the most anticipated ones in 2019, and readers love it. Kristen’s words and story gives a great depiction of the alienation of contemporary courtship and sexual dynamics. Presumptuously, what readers find to be most intriguing about the story is the fact that every page comes with its drama and the scandals keep building up one after the other. This makes it quite captivating, which is exactly what most readers look for.

Based a very extensive review and analysis of 2019 books within different niches, these books stand out as the must-read. But of course, authors keep writing, and the libraries keep growing with fascinating and informative selections of books. That means the dominance might as well be just for a short while.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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