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Marketing 101: 5 Smart Tips On Finding Websites To Guest Post On

Guest posting is a brilliant way to build both relationships and relevant links to your website from well-established authority websites within your niche.

Most websites are always in need of fresh new content and most of them will jump at the opportunity to have a well-informed expert contribute an article or two.

The hardest part of using guest posting as a method of marketing is finding relevant, authoritative websites to contribute to. We have gathered together some useful tips on how to find websites to guest post on.

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#1 Utilise search parameters

Search parameters are basically clever ways to use Google - my favorite for finding guest post opportunities is to search 'guest post + pets' on Google, as this reveals pet publications offering guest posts. I'll then sort the Google results by 'last year' within the tools, so I'm only seeing guest posts which have been published fairly recently. Then, I'll take a look at the guest posts and see which I like the look of, and I'll approach the publication with my own ideas. This is a quick and easy way to find opportunities.

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#2 Search for the Best Blogs or Top Blogs in your industry

The easiest way to find blogs to do a guest post for will be searching for the Best Blogs or Top Blogs in your industry.

Just type 'Best Niche Blogs' inside of Google and read all of the top posts showing the top blogs. Once you do that, get a complete list of them and read through them for relevance.

You want to make sure the site looks decent when you look at it, and you also want to make sure they have posted something about your niche before or at the least have done a guest post before.

Overall you need to focus on relevance to your site and content before you reach out to any blog about doing a guest post.

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#3 Use a tool called ScrapeBox

Most people use Google Search Operators to find guest blogging opportunities. I found that I still had a lot of manual copying and pasting to do with this method. 

I now use a tool called ScrapeBox to help me identify sites for guest posting opportunities. The tool allows you to use Google Search operators to narrow your search, and you can use the add-on (which is free) to look up Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority of the sites you gather. 

I've found lots of great sites who accept guest posts using this tool, and can highly recommend it for generating many guest posting opportunities. 

There is also a ton of other useful stuff you can do with this tool, not all of it white hat, but that's up to the user to decide how they use it. They also have a really good YouTube channel providing in-depth tutorials on all the features. 

It is only a one-time fee, which is great, in a world where monthly and annual subscriptions are in fashion. 

Contributor: Robin Young from

#4 Google and Social Media is your friend

In terms of guest posting, Google still has a huge database where you can find these blogs or websites that accept guest blogging, you just have to be knowledgeable for the advance search query to search Google's index. 

Social media can be your source too where you can find bloggers profile or business owners profile and try to find out if they accept guest posting.

Contributor: Ulysis Cababan from

#5 Search the competition

Use Moz's Link Explorer: Enter your competitor's URL and you'll find all sorts of data about their backlinks. Click on Linking Domains and a list of all the domains that they have secured links from will display for you. From here, review the links (click on the link to see the actual post) and see if there's an opportunity for you to guest post with them as well. If your competitor's site is linked to from this one, it may be a good possibility for you too.

Contributor: Rachel Lindteigen from

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