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Marketing 101: How Allowing Guest Posting Can Help Your Blog Grow

Guest posting is a powerful tool for both contributors and bloggers alike. Allowing guest posts can spell success or disaster for a blog. We reached out to marketing experts to get their take on how allowing guest posts can help (or break) a blog.

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#1 Allowing guest posting allows you to build a network

Those who seek to guest post are likely looking to build backlinks to their own website from yours so that they can rank better in Google. Building backlinks to other sites with a good domain authority is one of the best ways to increase your page rank. By allowing guest posting, it makes it much easier for you in the future to guest post on other people’s sites if they have blogs of their own - it serves as a reciprocal trade. The only downside to this is that not all who seek to guest post have their own blog.

Contributor: Eileen Bau from

#2 It encourages thought leaders to host content on your blog

It encourages thought leaders to host content on your blog, showing your industry leadership and relevancy.

Contributor: Jonathan Jeffery, Marketing Manager from

#4 Brand awareness

Sourcing and approaching influencers with a strong social media following and asking them if they would be interested in writing an article for our client's blog. Once published we ask the blogger to post the blog on their social channels. This is also a useful technique for enabling you to get your content in front of new audiences.

Contributor: Sam Ernest-Jones from

#11 You Get To Cross Pollinate

This is probably the most direct, effective element of featuring guests on your blog: Your network is exposed to their network, and vice versa. If you set it up right — this looks like:

Setting up enough time to schedule out promotions on your various channels building up buzz around the share taking time for guerrilla style shout outs photos together before, during and after the share, the options are limitless!

This is a surefire way for both of you to walk away with more subscribers, a greater audience and you’re both able to reach into a different demographic than perhaps you normally have influence in.

Contributor: Eric Hobbs, CEO of Technology Associates, a Managed Services provider based in Cary, NC

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