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What Is The Most Underrated Clothing Brand That You Love To Wear?

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With a good chunk of 2018 behind us, we want to take a look and highlight the coolest and most hip new clothing brands which burst onto the scene. They don’t have to be huge brands, but we want to know which underrated clothing brands do you love to wear?

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#1 MUXE New York

The brand is entirely unisex and champions people from all walks of life. Whether you may be male, female, gender fluid, black, hispanic, white, etc. The brand seeks to empower people for who they are and create designs that comment and reflect on the current social and political climate - creating awareness and serving as a tool for starting discussion within the community. 

Additionally, all products are designed and made in New York, and a percentage of the profit goes to Live Out Loud, a NYC based LGBT youth organization. 

Explore their full range of products here.

Contributor: Reade Norman

Company: muxenewyork.com | Instagram | Facebook

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#2 Uniqlo

In my opinion, the most underrated clothing brand is Uniqlo. It is a Japanese clothing company that opened its first store in the US in 2006. Although its popularity is growing, I still find that those who live outside of NY and CA aren’t familiar with the company. The company is expanding and plans to have a store in every major city by the end of 2020. 

I love this brand because the clothing is simple, well-made and affordable. Their clothing isn’t peppered with logos or graphics. They tailor every pair of pants purchased in the store to ensure the perfect fit. The simple, modern style translates well from the office to everyday wear. It fits great, looks good and lasts. 

Explore their full range of products here.

Contributor: Caden Rhoton

Company: dimedad.com | Twitter | Instagram

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#3 Coogi

Worn by the likes of The Notorious BIG, Bill Cosby, and more recently Conor Mcgregor, the Coogi Australia brand is coming back in a big way. Characterised by its wavy patterns and unmistakable style, the Coogi sweater has influenced rap star clothing since Biggie first wore it during the 80s.

#4 Vienne Milano

VienneMilano Logo

VienneMilano is a luxury hosiery brand dedicated to thigh high stockings. All of their products are made in Italy for a woman to wear in every occasion. Established in 2011, VienneMilano was created by a woman who (like most women) hates wearing uncomfortable tights and pantyhose. Instead, Vienne (the Founder of VienneMilano) developed a collection of luxurious thigh highs that stay up on a woman’s leg.

VienneMilano’s motto is: “Legs are a canvas for color and texture, thigh highs allow you to use it”. As a woman who has always loved wearing colorful stockings, I really like the fact that VienneMilano shows the world that thigh highs can, in fact, be worn in every occasion.

Explore their full range of products here.

Contributor: Claudia Evora

Company: viennemilano.com | Instagram

#5 TribalDesignsbyNeela on ETSY

100% Cashmere| Shawl/Scarf |Hand Loomed | 1 Ply| 4 Paddle| High Quality| Himalayan Yarn| Shade: Black NBK.0182In my own closet and shopping history, the most underrated item of clothing is the shawl. It's such a simple piece of clothing, and yet I had to rediscover its usefulness for myself. The cashmere shawl from Etsy is my favorite--luxurious material and plenty of it. It's easy to roll up and keep in your bag till you need it, it won't wrinkle, and it just feels great on your skin.

Get it now for under $50 (£37).

#6 Supreme

You didn't go clothes shopping in 2017 if you didn't see the hype brand Supreme. Supreme has exploded in popularity leading to it being a huge global influencer in the fashion world today.


Vyve's splashpant moves from land to water and back to land. 

I can wear them running, hop into the pool, walk the beach, hike to a waterfall, jump on a Zipline and meet a friend for coffee on Main Street. 

Quick drying and great to pack for the multipurpose use, vyve's splashpants is a secret and hidden jewel that won't be hidden for long. 

Add to it the vyve caped hoodie and I can go to any event - street fair to the concert hall. 

Created by a single mompreneur out of personal need, the brand is growing organically and has already been featured in U.S. News and World Report as one of the top 15 brands for those that love the outdoors, Babble claims its a great option for menstruating girls and Dr. Oz called too. 

Explore their full range of products here.

#8 SoffiaB

So many robes are big fluffy toweling types that are hot and bulky, or alternatively the itsy bitsy lacy negligees that are quite beautiful but really only designed for one thing. SoffiaB luxury robes are designed for style and comfort using vibrant silk and velvet, but what really sets them apart are the unique linings of soft, sensual cotton ideal for varying climates. 

We offer four collections featuring many different color combinations to appeal to every taste. Persephone and Daphne are lined with ultra-soft, double brushed cotton for chillier temperatures, whereas Delphine and the Delphine Shortie are lined with feather light, sea island cotton ideal for warmer climes. They're designed to make you not only look gorgeous, but feel fabulous too! 

SoffiaB was created out of the quest to find the perfect robe and we've combined the best in British bedroom expertise with American craftsmanship. 

Explore their full range of products here.

Contributor: Sophie Burkart

Company: soffiab.com | Luxury Robes & Dressing Gowns

#9 ZiiCi

ZiiCi is a line of unique shawls available on Amazon. What makes them unique is that they have an elastic drawstring neckline so no pinning or tying is required. It’s a hands-free accessory for dressy and casual occasions. Just pull the cord lock and you can turn it into a poncho, off-the-shoulder top, strapless dress, scarf and more. Its multiple uses make it the ultimate travel accessory. Jenée

Explore their full range of products here.

Contributor: Jenée

#10 United By Blue

United By Blue is now available in about 700 stores across the country including their 3 brick and mortar stores. For every product sold, United By Blue pledges to remove a pound of trash from the world's oceans and waterways. To date, they've removed over a million pounds of trash: unitedbyblue.com/cleanups.

Many of United By Blue's products are designed to take you from the office to the outdoors while offering versatility, functionality, and style. All of their products are made with sustainable and earth-friendly materials such as pesticide-free organic cotton, recycled polyester (made from water bottles), hemp, bison fiber, and wool.

Using these materials also provides durability benefits as they've found that these clothes hold up over time. In part that's why their tagline is responsible, durable goods. Also in part as to why they extend a lifetime guarantee to all of their bags -- both their recycled polyester collection and waxed organic cotton canvas bags.

They regularly hold waterway cleanups across the country. This year alone, they plan to pull 500,000 pounds of trash. This will happen across 60+ cleanups spanning 25+ states. They are also currently hiring for a dream summer job that will take two members on a road trip across the country, planning and executing waterway cleanups with brand and conservation partners.

Explore their full range of products here.

Contributor: Ethan Peck

Company: unitedbyblue.com | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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