SoffiaB (8/11)

SoffiaB Testimonial

A short video about one of the SoffiaB customers and how he feels about SoffiaB, and most importantly, how his wife feels about our Luxury Robes!

So many robes are big fluffy toweling types that are hot and bulky, or alternatively the itsy bitsy lacy negligees that are quite beautiful but really only designed for one thing. SoffiaB luxury robes are designed for style and comfort using vibrant silk and velvet, but what really sets them apart are the unique linings of soft, sensual cotton ideal for varying climates. 

We offer four collections featuring many different color combinations to appeal to every taste. Persephone and Daphne are lined with ultra-soft, double brushed cotton for chillier temperatures, whereas Delphine and the Delphine Shortie are lined with feather light, sea island cotton ideal for warmer climes. They’re designed to make you not only look gorgeous, but feel fabulous too! 

SoffiaB was created out of the quest to find the perfect robe and we’ve combined the best in British bedroom expertise with American craftsmanship. 

Explore their full range of products here.

Contributor: Sophie Burkart

Company: | Luxury Robes & Dressing Gowns

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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