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Parents and School Anxiety Season

It’s not just kids who often get anxious about starting or going back to school. Parents can also often experience a high level of anxiety. Will their child adjust to their new environment? If their child is being bullied, that can also add to the stress and anxiety. It can be a really difficult time for both parents and children who don’t look forward to the return of the academic year.

Here, we’ll look at why many parents get anxious about their child starting or returning to school. We’ll also reveal how technological solutions can aid schools to ease this anxiety.

Why do parents experience school anxiety?

There are a number of reasons why parents can experience school anxiety. The most common include:

  • Bullying
  • Separation anxiety
  • Imagined scenarios
  • Existing anxiety
  • Performance anxiety

Bullying is obviously a valid concern. It can be worrying sending your kid off to school knowing they could potentially be bullied. Separation anxiety is also common, particularly for parents whose children are only just starting school. Then there’s the imagined scenarios parents often worry about such as “what if something happens and I can’t help them”.

It could also just be that some parents are naturally more anxious than others. If they already experience anxiety, their child starting or returning to school can exacerbate it. There’s also a worry over how well their child will perform in school and whether or not their child will get into their chosen school.

How parents can let go of anxiety

While these anxieties surrounding children returning or starting school are completely valid, they can easily transfer to the child. Kids know when their parents are anxious. So, if they pick up on those anxious vibes, they too are going to be a lot more anxious about the school year.

For this reason, it is crucial parents work on letting go of their anxieties. It could be they seek professional help if the anxieties are severe. Or, for milder anxiety simply reminding themselves that their child is safe and the anxiety is normal can do wonders.

The role of technology in schools

It’s not just parents who can help ease the school anxiety. Schools can also help, particularly with the use of technology.

They can incorporate things such as school admissions management, and use technology to keep regular communication with parents. Text messaging has proven particularly useful in alerting parents to any issues in real time.

Overall, school anxiety is a common issue for both parents and children. The above are just some of the reasons it occurs and what can be done to reduce it. In terms of securing a place for children in schools, parents can also ensure they apply as early as possible to avoid disappointment.



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Written by Nat Sauteed

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