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7 Effective Tricks To Avoid Job Interview Stress

Interview stress is always an obstacle if you are looking for a stranger. Applicants find it quite strange to meet new strangers having the position of authority and explaining and talking about yourself, being judged based on your demeanor and appearance, and on the ability to sell your skills well. All of it can trigger stress in no time. But if you know a few tricks, then your job interviews can be a cakewalk for you. We have listed a few to look at and go pick up the one that can turn out to be quite helpful for you.

Prepare and Practice:

It is usually suggested to prepare by standing in front of a mirror, as it can help you know your facial expressions and rectify your shortcomings in no time. Try answering with concise answers backed up by concrete examples as it can highlight your qualities already mentioned in your resumes. You can also read the interview kickstart blog for quick tips.

You can check on the internet about a few common questions asked with every candidate. And you should have well prepared yourself for those questions; there will be some surprising questions as well, but be ready for the common ones. Listen carefully, and if you find anything confusing, ask your employer to clarify in the end.

Reduce stress elements:

There are few things that you can reduce on your own while going for an interview. These elements can be uncomfortable clothing, reaching the venue late, getting lost in an interview, etc. There can be many as per your personality traits. Prepare yourself for any circumstance a night before. Get familiar with the location, iron your clothes, etc. do not leave anything pending for the last minute.

Research well about the company:

Your homework should always be complete, and you should research the industry and company you are willing to enter. Once the question about the company background or services is asked, you should show off your knowledge about the industry and the effort you have already put before entering the company.

Please search on the internet about their website, history, employees, culture, vision, mission, and recent successes. Try to read and absorb the information to develop a strong connection with the company while you walk on their premises.

Take your time:

Anxiety is the biggest hurdle in any interview. Once a question is hooted to you, the interviewer does not want an immediate answer; you can pause to collect your thoughts and then present them effectively. If you worry about getting blank in the middle of the interview, take notes and practice well at home. You can also bring a notepad to interview to structure your answers and note down a few things if they are worth collecting. As anxiety is quite common so don’t worry as many hidden talents face similar issues.

Be punctual:

Reaching ahead of your time will make you comfortable in your interview. Drive or take a cab to the location and check for the traffic beforehand, so you are never late. Adjust yourself according to the local traffic pattern and give yourself extra minutes to get freshen up, check your dress, and be able to calm your nerves. Drink a little water and take your seat in the conference room. For more tips you can have a look at Interview Kickstart on YouTube.

Visualize that you are successful:

Many athletes use this technique before reaching out for a competition to improve their performance. Look for a calmer place to close your eyes and visualize your success in the upcoming interview. It is much more than positive thinking, and if you can practice it well, your brain prepares you in a certain way to give your best in any exam.

Body Language:

While going for an interview, it is often advised to remain calm and relax as your body language will speak your state of mind. As you are going to answer questions, try maintaining eye contact with the particular interviewer. Always pay attention to the questions and listen to them attentively before you answer. Avoid cutting your interview at any cost, especially when they are asking questions. Ask for some time if you need to think for a few moments to start answering. Practice some breathing exercises before reaching out to the interview.

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