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Reasons Why You Might Want To Buy A Chromebook

If you are in the market for a new computer, consider buying a Chromebook. These Google created notebooks have been used for the last few years in an education setting; schools love them. However, the bar has been raised, and they are becoming more business and casual user-friendly.

Why are Chromebooks Popular in Schools?

Using the Google platform, schools love Chromebooks because they are enabled with g-docs, and teachers can see what students are doing on them through shared accounts. This makes correcting homework, handing in papers, and posting study guides easier than it has even been. It has transformed education and the inner functions of the classroom.

How are Chromebooks Good for Business?

Google has been adding more and more apps to its Google Store inventory. In addition, many Chromebooks can now access Android apps. This is huge, especially for the Samsung models, that operate via android.

In addition, Google docs, Calendars, and Gmail are pre-installed for ease of operation.

If you still love your Microsoft Office Suite, some Chromebooks can run these programs, as well. While Google docs are slowly inching their way into the preferred platform for creating documents, die-hard MS Office fans can still use their beloved programs. Be sure to check whether the Chromebook you are interested in purchasing can run MS Office. Worse case, you can use MS Office Online, in place of the installed software.

The plus side of using Google docs is all files can be converted to .docx, making them super compatible.

The Need for Wifi

Since Chromebooks are essentially larger phones, most apps function through wifi. If you need to use your Chromebook in a location that doesn’t have wifi, you may have trouble. This can be a downside for business users; however, those who will most likely use their Chromebook at home or school won’t recognize any issues. Unless the internet crashes, that is.

Other Features

Additional features that you will find in Chromebooks may include:

  • Touch screens
  • Google Games
  • Google Assistance
  • Text and Call notifications for Android phone users

Battery Life

Chromebooks historically have a long battery life. The average life on one charge is 9 hours across the spectrum of Chromebook designs. Things like using a printer for Chromebook won’t affect battery life very much either.


Chromebooks are very durable. Designed with children and busy people in mind, Chromebooks are incredibly durable. Many are spill-proof, drop-resistant, and temperature-resistant.


Chromebooks aren’t designed to have large computer monitors. Most screens are between 11 and 13 inches; however, they have launched a 15-inch version. While these are smaller than other types of laptops, they are lightweight and make traveling easier.

Storage Size

Due to the fact that so much of what takes place on a Chromebook takes place through apps and online, storage space is not as vital as it is on a traditional laptop.

Google provides 100Gbs of google drive storage, and most models have either a 32 or 64 Gb hard drive.


Chromebooks are very competitive price-wise, making them even more appealing than a regular laptop.

Prices range from around $150 to $1,000, making them affordable to nearly everyone. Depending on what features you want to be included, the price will change accordingly.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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